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Stat Quo

Stat Quo Talks About Detox Long Delay

Posted By on March 22, 2010

     Everyone wants to know why Dr Dre's long-delayed "Detox" album is that exactly, always delayed. Well rapper Stat Quo recently opened up about why he feels the album keeps getting delayed and even talked about his relationship with the Doc. "It's whenever Dre's ready," Stat revealed in an interview. "If you want my opinion on it, I think he wants to be confident in what he has to put out as an ensemble piece. Dre is hip-hop in a sense, so hip-hop needs him to put out a great album, 'cause if he doesn't, it affects all of us — not just what he does, but the whole culture...Dre is just all around a better artist, a better person. Whenever I need advice on anything–my personal life, business, whatever–I go and ask him…He's very important and he knows that, so he's not just gonna put out some bullsh*t. You never get that second chance to make that first impression. I think he's gonna be putting something out real soon."

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