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Suge Knight Says He’s On Chris Brown’s Side

Posted By on March 4, 2009

    Suge Knight is on Chris Brown's side. "Chris Brown is a lil' homie," Suge said in a street inteview [watch here]. "I got more love for Chris Brown than anybody. One of the things Chris Brown did before at the time my daughter was turning 14 years old, it was her birthday, and they were having a concert. He put her on stage, sang happy birthday, he didn't have to, showed a lot of respect and I respect him for that. So therefore, I'ma ride with him a thousand percent on whatever it is, period." [watch here]

    In related news, Suge Knight plead guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge last month after an incident with his girlfriend Melissa Isaac back in the summer of 2008. The district attorney said that police couldn't get ahold of Suge's girlfriend and without her testimony, they would have a hard time proving beyond a reasonable doubt, so a settlement was reached.

Suge Knight Says He's Rolling With Chris Brown