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Suge Knight Blasts Eminem & Dr Dre In New Film

Posted By on March 26, 2010

     Former Death Row Owner, Suge Knight, has now targed Dr Dre and Eminem in an upcoming movie. Made by two amateur filmmakers Jabari Henley and Shane Taylor, the new movie pokes fun at hip hop slash rap superstars Eminem and Dr Dre. Producer of the film, Josh Sands, who oversaw the project at the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy, says "Jabari and Shane came to me with this idea and said they could get Suge Knight on camera. I wasn't convinced but then he just showed up. He was here for about two hours. He's a very intimidating character, but a real natural in front of the camera. The short was shot three weeks ago and has only just been completed – because Knight's comments had to be heavily edited.

Suge – Interview (Diss Eminem, Snoop, Dr Dre)