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Suge Knight Sues Kanye & Club Over Shooting

Posted By on March 31, 2010

     Suge Knight has changed his lawsuit against Kanye West to also include the Miami night-club that turned into a crime scene back in 2005, a place Kanye heled his pre-MTV Video Music Awards party. Suge Knight was robbed and shot in the leg at the the South Beach club and first sued Kanye, along with his "G.O.O.D." Music group, a year and a half ago but now  Suge is adding people he wants money from.

     The lawsuit was transferred from California to Miami district court and Suge's lawyer Marc Brumer says "People shouldn't underestimate Suge Knight," sounding very much like his client. The lawyer, yes a man of law, added "He's a very adept businessman. He's a mess, but he's sharp. Nobody likes Kanye West anymore. Even though he's still selling millions of records, everybody's sick of him."

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