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Suge Knight Says Diddy Killed Tupac

Posted By on May 2, 2014

Suge Knight Says Diddy Killed Tupac

Suge Knight was out and about last night when he went on a rant about who killed Tupac Shakur. Knight took direct aim at music mogul P.Diddy claiming he was the one who killed or had Pac killed.

According to Suge, he has been getting a lot of blame for the murder of the West Coast rapper and he claims he did nothing but protect Pac.

 “Suge was leaving 1Oak last night when he unleashed a rant about Tupac’s death, saying … “Everybody know off the top, I ain’t the n**** killed Tupac. I’m the n**** protected Tupac!”” (TMZ

Knight goes on to take direct shots at Diddy and blames him for the murder.

 “Then he points a finger directly at Diddy — “Bitch ass Puffy can get him a mutha******* star, and every rat in the world say he’s the one who killed Tupac, or had him shot” (TMZ)

Check out the footage of Suge Knight‘s rant below: