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Crooked I Talks About Suge’s Bad Guy Image

Posted By on May 18, 2009

    Crooked I, the former Death Row Artist (and currently Slaughterhouse member), recently talked about his former boss, the well-known Suge Knight, and his "Bad Guy" Image. [watch here] Crooked I didn't just attack Suge, he also talked about positive things from the former CEO saying "Suge taught me a lot," Crooked explained in an interview. "He sat me down with Russell Simmons. He sat me down with Lyor Cohen. He sat me down with LA Reid. He sat me down with the bosses who moved this game." [watch here]

    Crooked I continued "All the bosses, they do it the same kinda way, it's just that they was intimidated by the dude…People get intimidated, I don't blame him for that, I blame the person who's intimidated. Why be intimidated? Okay motherf*cker, that's how you wanna come, this is me coming. I don't blame him, it's like, step up motherf*cker…The industry wants me to bad mouth Suge Knight, they want me to. I don't have sh*t to say bad really like that. I made money on Death Row, it launched me to where I'm at, when I walk into the offices at a record company they respect me because they know what I've been through." [watch here]

Crooked I – Talks Suge Knights "Bad Guy" Image