Katt Williams Addresses Suge Knight Shooting

Katt Williams Addresses Suge Knight Shooting

As we reported, Suge Knight was involved in a West Hollywood nightclub shooting over the weekend and was shot at least six times. Now comedian Katt Williams has come forward to address the situation and is claiming Suge was not the target.

According to Williams, Suge was only trying to protect someone in the club and ended up getting shot.

“– Suge was not the intended victim and he was merely trying to save someone else … possibly Chris Brown?
— Suge’s shooting was NOT gang-related because … has there ever been a gang-related shooting where the other side didn’t shoot back?” (TMZ)

Katt also went on a rant about who shot Suge Knight.

“As for who pulled the trigger, Katt uncorked a rant about “nobody” shooting Suge … theorizing the shooter might never be caught just like MLK Jr. and Malcolm X’s assassins — which makes zero sense since their killers were tried and convicted.” (TMZ

Check out the interview below:

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