Suge Knight To Rick Ross : ” I’m gonna beat the dog shit out of you.”

Suge Knight To Rick Ross : ” I’m gonna beat the dog shit out of you.”

PopCandiesTV recently just released an interview with Suge Knight in which he takes numerous shots at rapper Rick Ross. The former head of Death Row claim Ross owes him major money, and he better pay up or  get the shit beat of out him.

“Rick Ross, you know you owe that bread titty man,” he said. “I’m gonna beat the dog shit out of you. I swear to ya’ll it’s like this, I’m the first nigga had the bald head and the beard from Bompton,” he added, motioning to his sweatshirt. “So you tell Rick Ross, who’s using the next nigga’s name, I try to give the niggas a fair shake, say, ‘Look, you owe this bread run this bread.’ When they do stupid shit and the police involved, I got a show, ‘It Ain’t Smart Being Stupid.’ I’m going to invite motherfucking Rick Ross on there. That ain’t his real name whatever. If he can get me, I’m going to shave my muthafuckin’ beard. But when I beat his muthafuckin’ ass, kick him square in his muthafuckin’ ass and play with his titties. He need to shave his beard and go back to the police that he is.”


Watch the full interview:

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