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Swizz Beatz New Movie Is Bigger Than Avatar

Posted By on February 3, 2010

     Swizz Beatz says that he is currently working on scoring an upcoming new movie and this movie hes working on is bigger than "Avatar." Being Swizz's first move into the movie industry, the hit producer is pretty confident in his work. "I'm working on scoring a movie bigger than 'Avatar,' he said. "It's life-changing to the world. The message is life-changing. The concept is life-changing. The sound is gonna be life-changing. This is another thing that put me in a zone to step my whole game up. I can't be involved in these major projects with a sound that's not justifying why I'm on those projects. It's forcing me to take everything to the next level."

     Swizz continued by saying he has even had to expand his mind for the work hes doing. "Even though my mind was already there, God just blessed me with a gift to go with that. It's like training in the gym. You're training for a fight or you're training to be in shape. There's a goal in why you're training. Musically, while I'm training myself, I have goals. My goal is to make the sound for this movie as big as the movie."

Swizz Beatz Says New Movie Hes Working On Is Bigger Than Avatar