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Swizz Beatz Says 70 Percent Is Unknown

Posted By on February 5, 2010

     Swizz Beatz said he is going to make this year the year he gets recognized for all the work he does in hip hop. Besides his work in hip hop, Swizzy says he worked a lot in the rock genre. "What I'm doing this year, I'm doing a bio on Swizz Beatz," he revealed in an interview. "I'm doing a bio on Kasseem Dean. Some people don't know 70 percent of the work I've done. They know the obvious stuff that I've done. I think that me being so anti-press, so anti-publicist, mentally, it kept me cool, but on the music level, it held me back."

     "Simple things I see, like … for people that think me and Bono hanging out was, like, weird, awkward, I know that's a lack of education of who I am. I've been working with rock and roll since way back when — Limp Bizkit, all these different people from way back when. I still don't get my props like that. But it's cool. When I get it, it's gonna all make sense."

Swizz Beatz – Says 70% Of His Work Is Unknown