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Swizz Beatz Talks Working With Alicia Keys

Posted By on July 8, 2010

     Swizz Beatz has been working with many artists including Drake, T.I., Nicki Minaj, Spragga Benz, Mary J. Blige, Gucci Mane, Diddy, Jay-Z and Trey Songz but you would guess his favorite collaborator is his fiancée, Alicia Keys, who plays piano on Swizz's upcoming album. "Me and A.K., we just love music," Swizz told MTV News over the weekend. "When we in the studio, we work on a lot of things that ain't planned. We was just in the studio vibing on some stuff for her album, vibing on some stuff for my album. We might use it, we might not use it. Anytime we in the studio, it's just musical genius, minds connecting on another level, which is always cool. I got a joint [that] she played on for my album with John Legend called "I'm a Star." It's stupid. John Legend killed the joint. The album is gonna be stupid. I got so many titles. I think I'm gonna let Twitter pick the title [of the album] for me. I'm having fun with the fans, getting them involved."

     Swizz Beatz also spoke about working with Mary J Blige…"The record with me and Mary is called 'It's You,' " Swizz revealed. "And the winner is: It's you," he said, explaining the song's sentiment. "It's just a heartfelt record. It's not a bunch of screaming and yelling on it. It's something everybody can rock to. Everybody wants a winner in their life. That special person is you — you're the winner."

Swizz Beatz – Talks Working With Alicia Keys