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Swizz Beatz Talks About New Ruff Ryders Music

Posted By on July 22, 2009

    Swizz Beatz says that new music from the one time infamous rap group the Ruff Ryders is coming. [watch here] The hit producer talked about recently working with DMX. "Wait until y'all hear the finished product of [DMX]," Swizz said in an interview. "We've taken it way to the next level and the whole double R movement from Eve to X, those are my main first priorities right now and I mean the music is coming out crazy." [watch here]

    Swizzy continued "It's time for that, I told X like, 'You not gonna finish the legacy? Like, what we doing? I remember when people couldn't on stage after you. Like, what are we doing?' It's a whole different team around him, like, X, he needs the right team around him and right now he's got the right team around him. The team around him when we was doing it real major, that team is around him again. So it's easier for me to communicate with him. find him, because all these 'Yes' people that were around him, they fans. You can't have no fans around him, you gotta have family around." [watch here]

Swizz Beatz Talks About Ruff Ryder New Music