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Swizzy Talks Fake MCs & Ruff Ryders Return

Posted By on August 15, 2009

    Swizz Beatz recently did an intervie where the producer slash rapper gave his view on who's "real" in the music industry nowadays. [Swizz Beatz Calls Out Fake Emcees – Watch Here] "I think hip-hop is missing something that's real," Swizz said in an
interview. "So we did 'Who's Real.' When we first dropped 'Ruff Ryders
Anthem,' everybody felt like it was real. From that time to now, you
don't really know who's real because everything is so watered down," Swizz said.

    Swizzy then went on to talk about the return of the Ruff Ryders. "The dog [DMX] is back. A lot of people are intimidated for him to make his appearance because you gotta understand that DMX is doing his thing. A lot of other artists are under pressure, a lot of labels are under pressure because it was something that they didn't even know how to contain. They didn't even know how to control DMX, the Ruff Ryders movement. Being with a movement for so many years, it's like being in the house with your parents. As a kid it's cool and your respect it but you wanna go out and explore your options." [Swizz Beatz Talks Return Of Ruff Ryders – Watch Here]

Swizz Beatz – Talks Ruff Ryders Come Back