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T Pain

T-Pain Says Hes Going UBER Autotune

Posted By on June 11, 2009

    T-Pain says that Autotune is not dead, infact
"I'm droppin a new album called UBER," Pain wrote on his Twitter. "The album just got pushed up," Pain told MTV [watch here] "It was gonna come out September
next year. [The record label], they're making me come out November this
year. It makes the label look straight. I was gonna chill, because it
was so many people that do what I do — now Jay-Z done dropped the
'Death of Auto-Tune' and its time for me to come back." [watch here]

    So will T-Pain use Autotune on the new album? "Oh yeah," Pain says. [watch here] "Definitely now. Jay-Z said something … I gotta do it now. It's
nothing outta the ordinary, so I'm ready." In fact, T-Pain released a new song today called "Know Your Name" [listen here]

T-Pain Says He Plans To Still Use Autotune