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T-Pain Is A Busy Man, Timbaland Talks New Work With The Hook Master

Posted By on August 8, 2008

    T-Pain has a lot on his plate, "I got my artist Tay Dizm, and I've already got his single 'Beam Me
,' featuring me and Rick Ross. I've also got Young Cash coming out
right now, Jay Lyriq — I've got a lot of stuff coming [on my Nappy Boy
label]." he recently told MTV. A planned collab album with Lil Wayne, will come after his third solo album, Thr33 Ringz, coming out in September.

    Although T-Pain told MTV of other projects he had going saying "I'm working with a lot of new people. I just worked on Ciara's album. Me and Kanye did it again; we did another hook like two days ago," he failed to mention his work with hit producer Timbaland. Timbo says "I got two records [with T-Pain] that are retarded," continuing "If you would've come to my wedding, you would have heard the records. At my reception, everybody was going crazy. It's this one record we got that's called, 'Talk That.' It's phenomenal! Everybody is like, 'You rapping like that?' I been doing that. It's nothing for me."