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T Pain

T-Pain Takes Back His Jay-Z Diss

Posted By on September 9, 2009

    After explaining WHY he dissed Jay-Z earlier to Ed Lover, now T-Pain is taking back his diss saying he was "bugged out" that day. "I will say, the interview he did yesterday morning, it made me feel so much better," Pain said in a new interview. "Because these are high times, I really look up to dude — I could have been one of these stupid artists and go at him lyrically — my dad always told me, the best way to have somebody get at you is to go talk about them with somebody else." [T-Pain Takes Back His Jay-Z Diss – Listen Here]

     T-Pain then gives an example of what he's talking about. "Just like 50 and Kanye, them dudes are fans. When they wanted to put it out as beef, to make it interesting, they acted like they hated each other — I'm definitely cool with Jay. I bugged out that day. It was people in the crowd saying 'Jay-Z destroyed you.' — He did clear up yesterday and I feel a lot better. Neither him or I have the time to be going through this beef crap man. I'm a fan of Jay-Z and Ima always be a fan of Jay-Z, me and Fab talked today, he apologized, he said it was stupid on his part — somebody made a fake T-Pain page today saying nothing but 'F Jay-Z' and 'F Fab' and then Fab went in on me." [T-Pain Takes Back His Jay-Z Diss – Listen Here]

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