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T Pain

T-Pain Explains Why He Dissed Jay-Z

Posted By on September 9, 2009

    T-Pain called into the Ed Lover show to explain why he dissed Jay-Z saying he did it to get Jigga's attention so he would address the issues that went down during the Summer Jam concert where he appeared on stage during Jay-Z's "D.O.A." performance. "This aint the first time I done said it. Nothing has changed. I called Jay and I said can you come out on my set [during Summer Jam] and do the D.O.A song, it’ll be a big look for me and you. I embrace the song, I love the song and don’t get me wrong Jay-Z is the best in the game period. I would never say anything different. At that time he said “yo I’m triple booked, I’m in Switzerland right now, I can’t do it." Then I’m ready to go on stage after Jeezy set and they said “hold on, Jay-z is about to come out with Jeezy” and I said ” Jay-Z is in switzerland". They say “no he’s not, he’s right there” and I look to the side and there’s Jay-Z." [T-Pain Explains Why He Dissed Jay-Z – Watch Here]

    T-Pain continues. "So he gets on the stage and when he gets to the part where he says "I don’t need anyone smiling at this" he pointed at me and then at the end of the song when I tried to shake his hand, he turned around, gave the mic to someone and said "good riddance". As we reported yesterday, acting on a fake T-Pain twitter message, Fabolous went off on T-Pain. When asked about it, T-Pain says if he had a problem with someone, he would tell them to their face. "I mean if somebody had a problem with Akon and they start dissin him then Im goin back stage and figure whats up." [T-Pain Explains Why He Dissed Jay-Z – Watch Here]

    Here is our point… Saying "F*ck Jay-Z" or calling him old is not away to get his attention, that's just being mad. When talking about Fabolous blasting him on Twitter, Didn't T-Pain say if he had a problem with someone, he would tell them to their face? Yet he has a problem with Jay-Z and he blasts him during a DJ set in Vegas? Also, you don't say how much you respect someone and how much you like their music (like you did below) then turn around and call them old and say "f*ck" them. T-Pain aka the King Of Contradictions

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