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T-Pain Turns Into A Diva – Gives Interview Rules

Posted By on November 11, 2008

    T-Pain's new album "Thr33 Ringz" was released today and he's making it clear that's all he wants to talk about. T-Pain's label, Jive Records, recently sent out a statement to media outlets with rules for interviews with the auto-tune hook singer. “Please let interviewers know that Pain will only be discussing his album release on 11/11 and any other topics surrounding what he is currently doing,” the statement said, continuing “He will only answer one question on Wayne and upcoming projects they have. No questions on picking favorite artists, who he would like to work with or any other kind of lists.”

    In related news, T-Pain recently released an official remix for his "Can't Believe It" [listen here] that features none other than ex-N-Sync member and "sexy back" singer Justin Timberlake [listen here]. T-Pain also recently put out a new commercial for his album [watch here] that highlights all the albums features and tracks. Check it out, click here!

T-Pain – Album Commercial