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T-Pain Dumbs Top Hats, Says Sorry For Jewish Jokes

Posted By on November 12, 2008

    T-Pain recently announced that he will be auctioning of his collection of over 300 custom made, numbered and autographed, top hats on eBay with the profits going to charity.

    T-Pain held a release party that was not only filled with celebrities but clowns, midgets, and barely-dressed stilt walkers. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that at the party, T-Pain made several "deeply offensive" anti-Semitic jokes while he was talking to Barry Weiss, the chairman of BMG. Reportedly T-Pain said that “Jews run everything” and “they get all the money,” as well as shouts of “matzo ball” and “mazel tov.”

    T-Pain, his manager and Jive Records released an apology stating “During the course of T-Pain’s (Faheem Najm) performance at his album release party [Monday] night, Najm brought Barry Weiss to the stage to acknowledge and thank him for ‘believing in him as an artist’ and ‘signing him to the label’,” the statement read. “Mr. Weiss and Mr. Najm have a long-standing, mutually respectful relationship and no offense was meant or taken by any of Najm’s heartfelt on stage comments. T-Pain sincerely apologizes to anyone who may have been hurt or offended by his remarks.

    In related news, two bonus songs for T-Pains new album leaked yesterday. "Bad Side" [listen here] and "Distorted" [listen here] served as bonus tracks on iTunes for his "Three Ringz" album.