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T-Pain Sued For Copyright Infringement, Releases New Song With Lil Wayne

Posted By on June 26, 2008

    T-Pain, Steve Rifkind and SRC Records are being sued copyright infringement. The song at question is T-Pain's “I’m N Luv With A Stripper." Rodney King, Jeff Byrd and James Reese say they wrote a song called “Makin’ Luv 2 A Player" and presented it to Rifkind at a meeting while he was CEO of Loud Records. Rifkind expressed interest in having a Loud artist re-record the track but they were unable to ever come to an agreement.

    The song writers say Rifkind kept a copy of the song then passed it on to T-Pain when he founded SRC. They say T-Pain then used the song to create his "Stripper" hit. “The musical hook is nearly identical,” attorney Gregory Bodell  told AllHipHop.com. The writers are requesting a court determine punitive and exemplary damages that is “sufficient to punish [the defendants] and to deter similar conduct in the future,” according to the lawsuit.

    As we previously reported, Lil Wayne had mentioned to media outlets that himself and T-Pain might be forming a group together. These reports seem to be true as a new song "Can't Believe It" [listen here] has leaked on the internet. The song features the 2 hit artists on a track together.

    Listen to T-Pain & Lil Wayne's "Can't Believe It," Click Here