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T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Digital Names Artists

Posted By on June 6, 2008

    We recently reported that T-Pain launched his own digital label called Nappy Boy Digital. The R&B hook master signed to Akon's label, is now letting everyone know the first artist for the new imprint. Tay Dizm, the Miami native, recently released his single "Beam Me Up" that features T-Pain and Rick Ross. The single hit the web on May 30th and has already sold 4,000 copies on iTunes with any promotion. "It's been tearing up the Internet," T-Pain says. "A producer named Bangladash produced the song, not me, because I don't want my artist's LP to sound like a another T-Pain album."

    Other artists on T-Pain's Nappy Boy Digital include Young Cash, a rapper from Jacksonville, Florida along with Sophia Fresh who is a female R&B group from Houston that T-Pain describes as a contemporary TLC. R&B singer Jay Lyriq from Tallahassee, Florida is also on the label.

    Nappy Boy is a digital label but it doesn't plan to forget physical product. "We'll eventually release physical albums," says T-Pain. "Right now they still represent 45% of album sales, so we won't ignore it. But in three or four years, there won't be anymore records stores, so we'll be ready."

    In related news, T-Pain's new single, "Silver & Gold," [listen here] from his September-slated third album, "Thr33 Ringz," hit the Web this week.