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Talib Kweli Talks Dave Chappelle & His Comeback

Posted By on December 10, 2010

     New York's own Talib Kweli recently was asked about comedian Dave Chappelle and what the status was on his possible comeback. Kweli says that he talks with Chappelle once in a while and they even perform together.

"I do shows with Dave and link up with Dave a few times during the year," Kweli revealed in an interview. "We did a show at a comedy club. Black Star and Dave Chappelle — and it's great because me and Mos [Def] come out and do 20 minutes, Dave does 20 minutes and then me and Mos come out. Dave is in a position where he does what he wants to do. He lives in Ohio on a farm. He has his Harley [Davidson motorcycle], he books little gigs whenever he feels like getting out and telling some jokes." (XXL Mag)

Talib Kweli – Talks David Chappelle Comeback