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Tech N9ne Tour-Mate Shot: 16 Rounds Fired

Posted By on June 28, 2011

     Tech N9ne has now officially had his reps come forward to confirm that reports that one of his performers was recently shot on his "All 6's & 7's" tour this morning in Nevada. Via a statement, Tech N9ne detailed reportedly what went down exactly.

"By all reports, the victim was talking on his phone when he was
approached by 6 individuals who had not been in attendance at that
evening's show," the statement reads. "Shortly after, shots were fired
and the victim was struck multiple times. He was rushed to a local
hospital where he remains in serious condition but is expected to
recover." Initial reports stated that the shooting took place "right
after" Tech's performance. The statement refutes that claim, saying the
incident happened "nearly two hours after the show ended" and was "a
random and senseless act of violence." Police aren't sure of the motive
and believe close to 16 rounds were fired. (MTV)


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