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Tech N9ne Goes AfteR Rick Ross, Jay-Z (Video)

Posted By on July 22, 2011

     Tech N9ne recently sat down to speak about how his Rickers Island visits with Lil Wayne lead to a collaboration and how he hopes to get Rick Ross and Jay-Z on his upcoming Rock album.

"Jay-Z still ain’t said nothing yet—but I’m gonna go after Rick Ross and Jay [for features] on my Rock album Kabosh. I sent out for them on that, and Ross said he’s ready whenever. I dig Ross, and I’ve always dug Jay. I did a tour with Jay years ago, and when I would see him, I’d nod and he’d nod back. He always had a bunch of people around him, and I didn’t want to crowd him. That was way back when Dame Dash was with him, and I’d be talking to Dame backstage near the food. And Dame would just say, “I always knew he was hot…always knew he was hot.” (Tech N9ne Talks Jay-Z / Rick Ross)

Tech N9ne – Talks Lil Wayne Inspiration, Getting Rick Ross, Jay-Z