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Tech N9ne On BET Cypher; Going Mainstream

Posted By on October 27, 2011

     Tech Nine recently spoke about how important he felt his BET Hip Hop Awards cypher was to him.

“[That was] a milestone for me. It introduced a lot of people to my face. A lot of people don’t know my face, but a lot of people heard my name,” he said. “My name is bigger than me, I think. A lot of people got to see my face, so much love to BET for even recognizing that I had flow to be able to be in the Cypher. Because I had it for years.”

     Tech N9ne went on to talk about how he tries to keep a low profile so that he doesn't go too mainstream.

“Backlash, not yet. But there are certain things that happened on my last tour that never happened before. Like, my homeboy MJ was shot in Reno, Nevada, lost his life. The first time anybody ever died on a Tech N9ne tour. Somebody got stabbed at my show in Fort Collins, Colorado, first time that ever happened at a Tech N9ne show. And it made me think that if this is what fame is going to bring, then I don’t fucking want it because for 11 years, it’s been nothing but good things. But it’s just ignorant people and not fame.”

Tech N9ne – Talks BET Cypher, Going Mainstream