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Bad Azz Speaks about getting jumped by Tha Row

Posted By on June 12, 2003

In a recent interview DubCNN conducted with Bad Azz, he speaks on his beef with Kurupt, his older projects and more. He also explains in detail, what happened the night in Las Vegas when he saw Kurupt and was jumped by 10 Death Row affiliates. Below is a snipped from the interview:

dubcnn.com : So what exactly happened that one night in Vegas?
Can you describe the night in detail, step by step?

…I didn’t see Suge, I saw Kurupt! And that was the first time seein’ Kurupt in three months, and me and Kurupt at that time, we love each other, we good friends! And he’s left the Dogg Pound to go be with Suge, and he hasn’t talked to Snoop Dogg, these are all our best friends, which are my friends and his friends, but he hasn’t talked to them , he hasn’t talked to Daz. I talked to Daz yesterday he hasn’t talked to Daz in 2 months. So when I see Kurupt that day, he’s like “BAD AZZ!!!” huggin me, I’m huggin him like “WHASSUP!! HOW YOU BEEN NIGGA!” “I been alright, wassup?!?!” and we in the club! And then, the other homie Kurupt was wit, which is like his God brother goes “ay Bad Azz, you one of my best friends too, and the other side is we came with Death Row! And they in here!” and I’m like cool, where they at?” “They on the other side of the club” “Cool, I’ma just keep my eye out, I’m ready to go anyway, I ain’t finna stick around too long” Kurupt already knows they wanna fuck me up, this is why I have beef wit him, cause he could have told me “Ay Bad Azz check this out, this ain’t a good time for me and you to be talkin’ cause if Suge and them see you they gone fuck you up, so get outta here right now before they see you” and I would have left and never would have got jumped. I talked to Kurupt all the way until Suge Knight walked up to me and bumped into me like he didn’t see me, looked at me like “oh excuse me sir.. OH BAD AZZ!! Wassup!” and I’m like “wassup Suge..” “Yeah let me talk to you for a second..” and I don’t know he’s on some ra ra shit.. I walk off and go talk to him in the corner. Next thing I know, he says “You said fuck me? You told Ray J fuck me?” I’m like “Oh my god, you trippin! Yea I told Ray J fuck you, you should have told Ray J don’t be throwin your name up! It was general, it wasn’t personal, if he woulda said Mike Tyson at that time, I woulda said fuck mike tyson too! Cause he was talkin bout “Oh you scared of Death Row, you scared of Suge” and I ain’t! Still, still to this day after they kicked my ass, I still ain’t scared of them fuck them! But Ray J was like “Are you scared of me because I hang wit Suge and Deathrow?” and I’m like “Fuck you Ray J, Fuck Suge Knight AND Death Row” Now if you wanna talk to Snoop he might be scared or he might have some other feelings, but you’d have to talk to Snoop, and Ray J was talkin to me cause Snoop wasn’t lettin him on his tour bus. We ran into Ray J outta town in Kentucky and it was like Ray J was outta town, didn’t know Snoop was gonna be there, Snoop didn’t know Ray J was gonna be there. And we all friends! But at this time, Snoop was cuttin all ties with people who hang with Death Row, like if you hang with Death Row, don’t come around me. And everybody knows each other, in other words what Snoop was doin’ was make the people that knew both of them choose! Choose sides, you can’t rap with Snoop and Death Row. You either wanna rap wit Suge, make money wit Suge, or you wanna mess wit Snoop and get money wit Snoop. And if you mess wit Suge, we ain’t fuckin wit you. And that’s how we did it, and that’s what happened. When we went in, and Suge had bumped into me and we talked, after that he was like “Yo you wanna fight one of my lil homies?!” but the whole time he already got it in for me, he’s gonna get me fucked up anyway. So he’s like “Yeah you wanna fight ONE of my lil homies” he calls like 5 guys over there and they all come surround me, one of them socked me in the face! I didn’t even fall down or nothing, I turn, looked at them and walked outta the club, like “Fuck that!” So I walked out the club, Suge came and catch up to me, put his arm around me like “where you goin? you leavin so soon? we wanna talk to you, we not finished!” and I’m like “Man you trippin Suge, I’m by myself man, I don’t have no win, it’s like a giant squashin’ a bug right now, gimme a pass, let me go, I ran into a fuckin spider web, let me out!” I was like, not pleadin’ for my life, but on some gangsta shit like “look man, you won right now, don’t get me right now. I’m by myself! Only thing you could do is kill me right now, don’t kill me! Just gimme a pass, let me get outta here, I can’t win right now, even if I fight one of you guys and I beat his ass, ya’ll gone fuck me up, so I can’t win. Just let me go!” And he got me fucked up, and I’ll hate him forever! He told those guys “Fuck him up” and I swear to god I thought I never woulda made it out of that scene alive man, I pray to god that I’m here today and I’m alive right now and I can move around you know what I’m sayin? That I got my life, that I’m still here with my children and everything, and since that day, I knew that I would never fuck wit Kurupt again, FUCK him, you know? And when you talk to these other guys, and they have situations, he didn’t watch them almost get beat to death. He didn’t do nothin to help me!

For the entire interview be sure to check it out at: http://www.dubcnn.com/interviews/badazz/