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The-Dream Says T.Il is In A Zone

Posted By on April 7, 2010

     Hit R&B singer The-Dream recently talkd about T.I.'s rapper skills, caying he is in  "zone." Dream says that TIPs passion is clearly evident in his music. "Tip is in a zone, man," Dream said in an interview. "He's in one of those things. But me just being a lyric guy, what makes songs, I think, hits is when it comes from the heart and you really are saying something you mean. And you can feel it through the passion. Every record he played me, I was like, 'Wow.' I could just feel it. It wasn't about judging it. It wasn't about, 'Is this a single or is this that?' It was just, 'Wow, where have you been? Where'd you go?' It was just elevated, and he's elevated. Right now, he's rapping like he's in space. Not a place we don't know — it's in the same area — but his vibe is just wider now."

The-Dream – Says That T.I. Is In A Zone