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Game Gets Rick Ross, JT & Beans On R.E.D.

Posted By on January 6, 2010

    More details on Game's upcoming "R.E.D." album have hit the net. According to Billboard, Game has enlisted the help of Beanie Sigel, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and Rick Ross as features for the new project. Producers working on the album include Pharrell Williams, Cool & Dre, DJ Khalil and Dr Dre. Some songs on the album include "It Must Be Me" which features Game bragging about the luxuries of his life over an "N.W.A. mixed with an eclectic beat"; "Pussy Fight," featuring Lil Wayne protege Nicki Minaj ("When you hear her on it, you'll understand why she was perfect for it"); and "Lost," which "describes the relationship between my father and I and my sister in depth like I've never done before." [Game & Pharrell – Work In The Studio On The "R.E.D." Album – Watch Here]

    Previously Game said his new album will not be filled with beefs. "The R.E.D. Album has presented me the opportunity to make the type of music I've always wanted to make and I'm free," he explained in an interview. "I have no beefs and there's nothing holding me back. I'm just having fun in the studio and I'm just recording man. I'm having the time of my life. Pharrell is my best hip-hop friend to date. Working with him has been nothing short of a catastrophic portion and every day that I can get in with that cat is different." [Game Says His New Album Is Beef Free – Watch Here]

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