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KnocTurnal Says 50 Saved Game’s Career

Posted By on January 26, 2010

     Associate of Dr Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, and west-coast rapper Knoc-Turn'al, says that he feels 50 Cent saved Game's rapping career as he was about to be dropped by Dre. According to Knoc-Turn'al, Game's time on Aftermath was in jeopardy due to him not being able to write hooks for his songs.

     "Game is from Compton, we know that, okay," Knoc said. "Game was about to get dropped from Aftermath. You hear me? And Aftermath was about to drop him, Interscope was about to drop him and 50 Cent picked him up and put hooks. The only reason why he was about to get dropped from Aftermath is because he couldn't make no hooks for his own music. So 50 Cent picked him up, you hear me? I hope you hear me. [He] made some hooks, 50 Cent made some hooks for him and put him out and sold five million records. What's wrong with that?"

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