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Game Fires Back At Knoc-Turn’al

Posted By on January 27, 2010

     Game recently responded to a recent interview with fellow rapper Knoc-Turn'al where he stated that 50 Cent saved Game's career as he was about to be dropped by Dr Dre from Aftermath. Taking to his twitter account, Game talked about what Knoc-Turn'al said and even took shots at the emcee.

     "4 days ago, knocturnal was hittin me on here, sayin how much he a fan & can we work, now he on da radio talkin sideways cuz I said NO! ha ha see u when I see u #b*tch*ssn*gga ! u had half a hit, u only sold 3 copies & now u a crackhead ! get some help n*gga or go OD somewhere f*g @ihategame http://twitter.com/KnocturnalLBC/status/7887268600 this was lil homie reachin out, now he dissin ha ha… somebody help blood out now put a DISS out so I can put yo *ss 2 sleep n*gga ! R.E.D. P.S. ah give you a quarter piece if you come wash my Bentley & Range up smoker you such a h*e I might let my lil sister @bphlii give u a lethal 16 ! she killin most da n*ggas out here in anyway. call #1800-get-some-fans R.I.P. C*ck-turnal ! music career (born) 6-14-99 (died) TODAY !"

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