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Game Talks Romantic Rumors With Ashanti

Posted By on February 1, 2010

     A while back, rumors started to circulate that West Coast rapper The Game (sorry you will always be THE Game to us bro), was romantically involved with former Murder Inc singer, Ashanti. Recent Game sat down with infamous gossip website TMZ for a live interview where he addressed the rumors.

     According to game, Ashanti has been at the recording studio with him and Dr Dre lately (she even tweeted a picture of them together, see below). "No, no man," Game said when asked about being in a romantic relationship with the singer. "Ashanti came by the studio and worked with me and Dre the other day. She's real cool and that was it. And they took a picture of me and Dre and Ashanti and put it on the net and that's how rumors start. But it's those Media Take Out people, what is that? TMZ.com, my homepage."

Game – Talks About Ashanti Dating Rumors


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