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Game Talks Gucci Mane’s Face Tattoo

Posted By on February 1, 2011

     The Game recently spoke about fellow rapper Gucci Mane's new face-tattoo and how he feels that the news and stories takes pressure off him and his own face tattoos.

"I seen Gucci's new face tat and as soon I did, I thought 'finally they can get off me about his butterfly/star/LA sh*t.' That's what I thought. But you know what man, I don't give a f*ck about what they say about anybody, a muthaf*cka could tattoo a butterfly, ice cream cone, apple pie on their cheek. Bottom-line, if you know Gucci, you know he's real. He been on trial for his life and all of that. He bodied people. So he could tattoo a f*ckin' tampon on his face for all I care. You can't say he's buster or whatever. And me I done been shot, stole sh*t, robbed people, everyth-f*ckin'-thing you can think of. Tattoos don't mean sh*t, they ain't nothing but good art." (VIBE)


Gucci Mane – Gets An Ice Cream "Brr" Face Tattoo


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