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The Game Talks Family Fight & 50k Fine

Posted By on February 1, 2011

     Rapper The Game recently spoke about his involvement in a
2008 fight with his cousin at a family funeral, which ended up costing
him over $50,000 in damages. Admitting that the money itself isn't a big
deal, Game says he doesn't not understand what problems his cousin has with him.

"To lose $50 grand ain't nothing to a n*gga you know what
I'm saying man," Game explained in an interview. "I used to sleep in the
back of a f*cking car man, so I ain't trippin', I was never even
supposed to have any of this. I'm just blessed. By the grace of God I've
been able to have longevity. Haters, n*ggas wanna see me fall and sue
me, more power to you. I done did it all, I had Aston Martins,
Lamborghini's, n*gga I got a Porsche outside right now. Benz's, houses,
man. Sh*t man, I'm up to $70 grand-a-month, gases prices are going up,
my kids shoe size's is growing. [My son] Harlem is big as sh*t, he's
playing basketball, going to camps, I'm dishing out cheese like going
broke is the sh*t!" (All Hip Hop)


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