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The Game Speaks On His ‘Robin Hood Project’ Charity

Posted By on February 19, 2014

The Game is notorious for being a modern day Robin Hood. So it only makes sense one of his charity initiatives is called “The Robin Hood Project“. Game recently chopped it up with MissDimplezTV, and spoke on how the charity cam about and what it means to him.

“The Robin Hood Project is a charity set up by me to give back to the people,” Game says in an interview withMissDimplezTV. “See I figured once you have everything, as a celebrity, once you have money, once you have cars, once you have family, once you have fans, once you’ve been around the world, what else is there to do besides start giving back?”

“So I created The Robin Hood Project solely for positivity, giving back and helping people in need, people that are struggling, people that come into hardships in their life,” Game continued. “That’s all me.”


Check out a video with The Game explaining The Robin Hood Project below:

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