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Game Doesn’t Retire, Plans 4th Album

Posted By on February 23, 2009

    The Game isn't done with music apparently. Although Game said he was retiring, during a recent concert in Los Angeles Game announced he is working on his forth album. "I'm not gonna lie, I'm in the studio working on my fourth album" Game Says [watch here] Game then talks about what he's been doing and even talks about the 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef saying "I've been in the f*cking house trying to stay the f*ck outta trouble, get my probation right. I even grew out a f*cking beard like Rick Ross. Did I say Rick Ross? I'm sorry 50, I didn't mean that. I didn't mean to say Rick Ross. I don't wanna say Rick Ross, 50 might get mad at me" [watch here]

    Previously The Game commented on the beef between Rick Ross and 50 Cent saying "For the first time in four years, man, I'm kinda low key riding with 50 on this one. I'm siding with this dude homie. It's crazy, I don't know what's gonna come of it but yo, Ross, call me on my phone man…Call me on three-way so I can get you outta this mess, man…[50] took his baby mama shopping. She's trying on fur coats with the Stevie Wonder jamming…Eh, Rick Ross, man, holla at your boy! 50 eating you boy!"

The Game Says He's Woring On 4th Album, Performs Live In L.A.


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