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Game On Chris Brown “Give The Kid A Break”

Posted By on March 5, 2009

    The Game is the latest artist to come forward and talk about the Chris Brown & Rihanna situation. "I think it's a sad situation," Game says in a new video [watch here]. "I think the point that
everybody's missing is that they both kids, man. What we thinking was
some major domestic violence was probably just a little cat and puppy
fight between people that used to be teenagers just like yesterday,
man. Rihanna can't be no older than 20 and Chris Brown I know is about
20 years old." [watch here]

    The Game went on to say that people should cut Chris Brown some slack and even predicted (what we all know to be true now) they would get back together [watch here]. "People making it out to be more than it is like the
media always does anyway, man. I say give the kid a break, man. I'm
pretty sure they're gonna end up back together anyway." [watch here]

The Game Talks About Chris Brown & Rihanna

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