Game Announces New Album FIVE

Game Announces New Album FIVE

Rapper Game sat down with XXL mag and revealed the title of his fifth album, F.I.V.E. (Fear Is Victory’s Evolution), and also explained the meaning of the name.

"The meaning behind that is like—me as a rapper, you as a journalist, Kobe as a basketball player—you gotta be afraid to do something, or have those butterflies in your stomach. We all get that feeling. Before you did your first interview, you probably was like, 'Damn, I don’t want to ask the wrong questions. I want to do this right.'"

Game continued, "Me, before I wrote my first rap, or the first time I was in the booth. Fear. But then fear is victory’s evolution. After a while, you become a dope journalist, I become a dope rapper, Kobe is Kobe. You achieve and you pass over that fear. Now it ain’t fear; it’s just victory. It’s victory of all."

No release date has been set yet but you can expect the album to drop later this year.

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