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Game Says He’s One Of The Last To Love Hip Hop

Posted By on March 30, 2011

     West Coast's own The Game recently spoke about the current state of hip hop and why he may be the last of a dying group of rappers who still has a strong passion for rap. Game says that too many artists have become consumed with the luxurious aspects of having a career in hip hop.

"I just think that every now and then in hip hop, there's a dead space so we need some substance," he tells Billboard.com's The Juice. "I think that I just might be one of the last artists that really cares about hip hop and not rap, not the culture, not poppin' bottles, not the cars, chains, broads, I just actually care about nurturing and giving back to this sort of foundation on which I grew up on, which is real hip-hop." (Billboard)

Game Interview (Big Boy's Neighborhood)


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