Sha Money Says Game Needs 50 Cent (Audio)

Sha Money Says Game Needs 50 Cent (Audio)

     Former G-Unit boss Sha Money XL recently spoke about former G-Unit member The Game. his career since being kicked out of the group and what he feels Game needs in order to be successful. Admitting that Game is still having problems without the help of G-Unit, Sha Money says that the West Coast rapper basically needs another hit record in order to be big again.

"Game is cool, I think he just needs me," Sha said in an interview with radio host EI8HT. "I gave him 'Hate It Or Love It,' I gave him that record. He needs 50 [Cent], he needs us, he needs a Unit. And you see he tried to make a play to get back to us. I hand delivered that record, 'Hate It Or Love It,' so he just needs that banger and he'll be all right. He can rap but he needs to stop shouting out so many names in the songs and just rap. He's got that sh*t. He comes with it, but, he's like Nas, they don't pick the right beats sometimes." ("Street Disciplez Radio")

Sha Money XL – Says Game Needs 50 Cent


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