Game Talks Dark Angle Of New Red Nation Video

Game Talks Dark Angle Of New Red Nation Video

     West Coast's own The Game recently spoke about taking a dark approach towards his new "Red Nation" music video by applying an apocalyptic theme to the new single. Game spoke about what fans can expect in the new music video.

"We shot this real rebel scene. I was over there in a bunch of dirt with rocks, and behind the gate were a bunch of guys I couldn't see, looking all menacing and scary and [with] bats and sticks and poles," Game told MTV News on the set. "And that was kinda crazy, man. I was in sort of like an army fatigue thing, doing my thing. But it was fun, man, the first shot — had a lot of fun, got real sweaty 'cause I was jumping around, man. A lotta dust and smoke — it was crazy, man." (MTV)

The Game ft Lil Wayne – Red Nation


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