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Game Defends His G-Unit Disses On 400 Bars

Posted By on April 23, 2010

     Game recently defended his G-Unit disses in his recently released "400 Bars" track. "To even think about doing '400 Bars,' you need a lot of patient people in the studio with you," Game said earlier this week in L.A. "I had my whole team in, my whole crew. We was in the studio, the same studio. We were here for a day, 24 hours. Nobody went home, nobody ate, nobody brushed their teeth — we just grinded it out. It came together. I stayed in the booth for a little bit over eight hours, on my feet. At the end, I felt paralyzed. It just took that much out of me. It felt like I got jumped by 30 people. That's how much it took to do '400 Bars.' I don't advise anybody to try to do it or top me. Not that I think they could. It's a long process. Then, you have to keep people entertained for 20 minutes. You can't just spit something and it not make sense. Piecing it together was crazy. But I did it, and the response was pretty cool."

     "You've gotta understand the difference between G-Unit [jabs] and a beef," Game explained. "It was a beef [years ago]. I see 50, nobody is gonna do nothing to him. He sees me, nobody is gonna do nothing to me. It's over with. The beef is over, but I can still throw a few jabs here and there and poke a little fun. Ain't nothing wrong with being a comedian of some sorts. That's all it was. I say maybe eight or 10 bars out of 400. 390 bars about other sh–, and 10 bars worth of jabs ain't gonna hurt nobody."

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