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Game Talks Being Detained In Canada (Audio)

Posted By on April 25, 2011

     West Coast's own The Game recently spoke out about being detained by Canadian customs officials last week in relation to his past offenses. First thought to be in the country for two weeks, Game's people were able to get him out in 48 hours.

"It ended up being two days man because my people, everybody was on it, man," Game told radio host Funkmaster Flex. "From my girl to just everybody was on it. We finally had to get a signature from the secretary of state saying that all of my crimes I committed in the past were done with. I served my time, I was off probation, no parole, everything was dead so they ended up letting me go. It was crazy. They let me see the paperwork for why they were holding me and it said like, 'This person is in Canada. He's kingpin of a gang of Bloods and he came to rally up Bloods and to bring new Bloods to the concert. They just made it seem like it was a cult. Like I'm trying to bring people in the name of my music to come and just pray for the Blood gods or something. I didn't show no passport, they was waiting on me soon as I got off the plane so somebody knew something about something." (In Flex We Trust)

Game – Talks Being Detained In Canada


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