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Game Talks About Dr Dre’s Detox Album

Posted By on April 26, 2010

     Game recently talked about Dr Dre's upcoming "Detox" album saying that it's coming soon. The Black Wall Street leader says the longer fans wait the more excited they will be. "I'll let you know that right now it's definitely, definitely going to come, and Dre's been working harder than ever. Everybody's been in and out the studio. I've been in grinding with him, I'm going back in tomorrow to actually work some more, and get it to where we can all come to that happy medium where we're like. 'Damn, we finally got Detox and man it's crazy.' I can definitely guarantee you that however long he makes us wait–he can push it back for eight more years and it'll just be that much bigger, man–'cause Dre's not gonna put it out until it's 100 percent the idea he had when he started, and hopefully he picked the dates. I don't pick the dates but I just can tell you I've been working on it."

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