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Game Talks Working With Justin Timberlake

Posted By on May 6, 2010

     Game has worked with a lot of people but the West Coast rapper recently talked about working with Justin Timberlake on his upcoming "R.E.D." album for the "Aint No Doubt About It" single. "We was just in the studio, me and Pharrell, working," Game said of the collaboration. "We already had the hook written, and Pharrell performed it himself. But Justin Timberlake walked in, and he was like, 'What's this? The song's dope.' I was like, 'It's that new song, Game featuring Justin Timberlake.' He started laughing. And I was like, 'I'm serious.' He was like, 'That'll be dope. I'm a fan.' I was like, 'Justin Timberlake listens to the Game?' He was like, 'The Doctor's Advocate was crazy.' He didn't even say The Documentary. He said, 'The Doctor's Advocate was crazy. I liked "Ol' English." ' He started vibing, then he went in and killed it. He was gone. It was like he was never there. He's fast too. He knew exactly what to do. And his vocal arrangement was crazy. He got in and got out."

     Game goes on to talk about how he does collaborations, saying he is not into emailing verses to eachother. "Nothing on my album happens not in the same room," he explained. "If you're on my album, that means we got it in. I do things the old way of hip-hop. I don't believe in flying things over the Net: send it to you, you get it back to me. I'd rather just not have that person a part of my project. No love lost. That's just not how I get down."

Game – Talks About Working With Justin Timberlake On R.E.D. Album


The Game ft Justin Timberlake – Aint No Doubt About It

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