The Game Talks About His 4th Album

The Game Talks About His 4th Album

    After his last stop on tour, The Game talked about working on his fourth studio album. [watch here] "I don't really have a concept yet," The Game says. "I did a couple records in New York that I really like a lot but not till I get back to Cali is when I'm really going to go in." [watch here]

    Game lightened the mood later by talking about his Playstation skills saying "I'll f*ck anyone up, lets not even talk about the video games it's not even fair what I do to people." [watch here] Ranked in the top 5 for NBA2k9, Game gave out his player tags (L-A-X & DO-NOT-PLAY-ME) issuing a challenge to everyone. [watch here]

The Game Talks About His Upcoming 4th Album


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