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Game’s Never Met Shyne But He Has His Back

Posted By on May 12, 2010

     West Coast rapper The Game recently talked about his relationship with newly released rapper, Shyne, saying he's got the former Bad Boy artist's back. Although he has never met Shyne, Game says he will always support him. "I think we became brothers, so to speak, and we ain't never even touched hands," he explained in an interview. "That's the power of music and hip-hop and the craft that we share, and it does that sometimes…Again, I ain't never met Shyne in real life, but I swear to God, I'll go toe-to-toe, back-to-back with this n*gga in a war, man. It's his heart and how we vibe on the phone and the things we talk about. It never starts off, and never ends about music. It's always about the check-up."


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