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Game Talks Ross Collab, New “R.E.D.” Album

Posted By on May 13, 2009

    Recently "Cigar Music 2" [listen here], a new song from Rick Ross featuring The Game, hit the net and now Game is talking about the track. Game was surprised the song, which was set to include Nas but was leaked first, was even out there saying "That’s crazy. Nah. I don’t even know. … That joint was for something else. I don’t even think Nas is on it. I think we was trying to get Nas on it. But it leaked?" [watch here]

    Game says that he does have a friendship with Rick Ross and they are working together but it isn't because of what everything thinks saying "Hey, man, me and Ross [working together], it ain’t got nothing to do with me and 50." [watch here] "I ain’t even on 50’s head like that no more. You notice when [50] put his little dis song out, he left me out. You notice when 50 talks, he leaves me out of that sh–. I didn’t pick no sides in the 50/Rick Ross beef." [watch here]

    Game is currently working on his new album titled "The R.E.D. Album," getting the likes of Timbaland and Drumma Boy to help with production. Game says the title signifies his re-dedication to rap (RE-Dedication) and not his Blood gang affiliation. Recently Game dropped "Bang Along" [listen here]

The Game Talks About Working With Rick Ross "Nothing To Do With Me and 50"

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