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Game Plans To Drop Weekly Mixtapes

Posted By on June 11, 2009

    While he is away from the spotlight as he is working on his new "The R.E.D." album, The Game says he plans to release a weekly mixtape series. "This summer, it ain’t a nigga that’s gonna out-mixtape me," Game told MTV. "I’m dropping a mixtape every week. It ain’t gonna be like no bullshit mixtape shit. I’m dropping mixtapes that sound better than people’s albums."

    Game already has the first mixtape all planned out. "The first one is gonna be the Bloody Thumb with the red thumbprint on the front," Game says. When The Game drops his studio album, it will be his follow up to his 2008 "L.A.X." LP. "The R.E.D." will feature production from Cool & Dre.

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