The Game Reveals New Reason For Beating Up 40 Glocc

The Game Reveals New Reason For Beating Up 40 Glocc

A couple years ago The Game put a beating on his music rival 40 Glocc and now the West Coast rapper has decided to change up his side of the story by claiming he acted in self-defense during the altercation.

According to reports, Game has decided to take legal action in response to 40 Glocc’s claim.

“It’s bad enough The Game famously beat down 40 Glocc on video — but now he’s verbally slapping the guy around … claiming 40 is only suing him to extend his 15 minutes of fame, and soak up Game’s shine. 40 Glocc filed the lawsuit after Game humiliated him 2 years ago by beating the crap out of him, recording it, and posting it on YouTube. Now, Game says — in new docs obtained by TMZ — he was acting in self-defense during the fight and only started punching after 40 pulled a gun. 40 has claimed Game pulled a gun, though neither is seen with a firearm in the video.” (TMZ)

The Game also says the only reason why 40 is taking legal action against him is for the fame.

 “In the docs, Game throws a few jabs — for instance … he has Grammy nominations and a TV show, and 40 does not. He also point out his 1.1 million Twitter followers compared to 40 Glocc’s measly 53,000. Best of all … Game claims the whole lawsuit is part of Mr. Glocc’s “gangster agenda to profit from threats, intimidation and taunts” — said the guy who made 40 Glocc cower in fear during that infamous ass whoopin’.” (TMZ)

Check out the footage of The Game beating up 40 Glocc below:

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  • Cory

    I really like M.M.!

  • Blackwall55

    40 your life is over after this beating.. When keeping it real goes wrong. Go somewhere you shortbus thug.

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  • BQ ThaEmcee

    Takes a real man to attack a dude who is walking solo when you are with your crew. Ive always and will always consider 40 Glocc a better artist. He’s got a hot delivery. Game got where he is cuz of 50 and his last new albums have been doo doo

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