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The Game Works On The R.E.D.

Posted By on June 22, 2009

    As we previously reported, The Game is currently working on his upcoming "The R.E.D." album and now a recent studio session with DJ Haze has hit the net. [watch here] Although the title of the track hasn't been released, the song Game is working on in the video features an R&B chrous. [watch here]

    "Look, riding through New York, Boston Red Sox, uhh, I'm about to kill this sh*t," Game said in a video. [watch here] "Drop top rose phantom, call it a headshot/Back up in this b*tch like a red dot. About to sell another milli like the n*gga with the dreadlocks/VIP, that's me, call the waitress before I get there/Have a top model chick taste it/Patron fountain…Haters don't want it with the young Don P/From the back of the club to the front with his whole army." [watch here]

The Game, DJ Haze – In Studio, Records Song For New Album

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